Science Communication Fundamentals: How to Improve Research Visibility and Impact

Get expert guidance on how to promote your research using popular networking platforms and online tools and learn useful tips and tricks for high-impact activities like bookmarking, referencing, and sharing your article to increase its outreach.

What will you learn?

  1. How to use key social networks to improve the visibility of your paper
  2. How to use press releases to promote your published research
  3. The importance of search engine discoverability for better outreach
  4. How two key bookmarking tools can enhance academic collaboration
  5. Promotional capabilities of four key reference management tools
  6. How Wikipedia can support your research paper’s visibility
  7. Traditional and alternative metrics for measuring your paper’s impact
  8. Dos and don’ts of sharing an article on the internet
  9. An introduction to institutional and subject repositories
  10. Understanding versions of an article and how this impacts its shareability
  11. How to use blogging to promote your paper and increase readership
  12. Five strategies for successful podcasting as a researcher
  13. How an online platform like KUDOS can maximize research visibility
  14. Benefits of using ORCID to create a unique author identifier
  15. How community networking can help you gain credibility in your field


Your publication journey doesn’t end with your paper being published. Numerous papers are published each year, and you must ensure that your valuable contributions don’t get lost in a sea of scientific developments. Your research findings deserve to be read more, shared more, and cited more often.

This course will help you understand the fundamental requirements and best practices for managing and promoting your research. You’ll discover platforms currently available to amplify the reach of your data. You’ll also learn different ways to reach your target audience using blogs, podcasts, and online platforms like KUDOS. At the end of this course, you’ll know how to use search engines, social networks, press releases, community networking, podcasting, and other tools and resources to drive visibility.

About the course author

Helen Eassom

Helen Eassom has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography with European Study and a Master’s degree in Critical Global Politics, both from the University of Exeter. She has more than 12 years of work experience in marketing, administration, and support roles for special needs students. She is currently a Copywriter in Wiley’s marketing division.

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Course Curriculum

  Module 2: Bookmarking, referencing and Wikipedia
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  Module 3: Using alternative metrics to support visibility
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  Module 5: Repositories and article versions
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  Module 7: Podcasting and Kudos
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  Module 8: Using ORCID to promote visibility
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  Module 10: Post-publication activities and driving visibility- final exam
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