Best practices to secure funding for your research

Learn how to identify funding opportunities and develop effective strategies to get the funds you need for your research project in this expertly curated course by one of the world's leading academic publishers.

What will you learn?

  1. The two types of research grant and the expenses they cover
  2. The different kinds of national and international funders
  3. The right platforms to consider while seeking funding
  4. Steps to prepare your grant application and apply for it
  5. How to frame a self-explanatory and effective application title
  6. Optimizing the abstract to get the attention of the funding committee
  7. 10 Principles to write a winning grant application for your project
  8. Understanding all the steps in the application review process
  9. How to maximize your chances of receiving grants and funding
  10. Parameters reviewers consider while making a recommendation

Course Description:

Procuring sufficient funding for research can be challenging regardless of a researcher’s career stage. From identifying the right source of funds to writing a strong grant proposal, there are several aspects that can affect the chances of a researcher being awarded a grant.

In this course, you will discover how to develop a well-structured research funding proposal and gain an understanding of how grant applications are evaluated. You will also learn about international funding agencies, Open Access (OA) mandates, and reimbursement guidelines for Article Processing Charges (APCs). You’ll understand the review process for grants and how to make your grant application stand out. You’ll also learn about the types of funding and funders, how to write effective grant applications, and understanding the review process better.

This course comprises of 5 modules, each consisting of an educational video on the topic, and a module-specific multiple choice question to check your understanding of the concept. The final module comprises of an exam based on the entire course.

Course Authors:

Paul Trevorrow

An Executive Journals Editor at Wiley, Paul Trevorrow has over 12 years of experience managing journals and dealing with all aspects of the publication cycle. He was the editorial manager for 11 Analytical Chemistry journals and also co-founded the journal Drug Testing and Analysis in 2007. In addition to editorial desk duties, Paul delivers lectures at international conferences on a wide variety of topics involving publishing and bibliometrics. He is also a panelist and spokesperson for Altmetric and Kudos.

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore has a degree in Biochemistry and doctorate/post-doctorate research experience in Structural Studies and Molecular Biology. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of the journal BioEssays and the Wiley Researcher Academy as well as a Program Manager and Editor at the European Molecular Biology Organization. Currently, as a freelance writer and writing coach, Andrew uses valuable insights gained from over 20 years of experience in academic publishing by coaching researchers to communicate science more effectively.

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Course Curriculum

  Module 1: Types of funding and funder
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  Module 2: Preparations: Steps and timing in relationship to the grant submission deadline
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  Module 3: Writing the funding application
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  Module 4: Understanding the review process
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  Module 5: Funding the research project - final exam
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