What is Wiley Researcher Academy?

Are you a PhD student or an early career researcher seeking to improve your research writing skills?

Are you an established researcher who wants to better understand the scholarly publishing landscape?

Wiley Researcher Academy has the tools you need to navigate the publishing process and increase your chances of achieving a successful publishing outcome.

Written and presented by a global network of journal editors and industry experts from Wiley's prestigious scientific publishing portfolio, Wiley Researcher Academy provides an authoritative source of training and enablement to help researchers at any level achieve their full potential.

Through WRA, you have access to 14 professional courses with over 25 hours of video content or over 60 hours of learning experience including additional assignments. Feel free to explore the courses at your own comfortable pace as all of them were built as self-paced. By completing your training with WRA you will be able to significantly improve your publication skills, master manuscript preparation to fine details, and on top of that – you can learn anytime and anywhere in your own pace. 

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