Course details, progress tracking and engaging with the community

Each course consist of several modules that in turn contain assignments. We have 3 types of assignments: (i) videos, (ii) quizzes, and (iii) further reading. All three are designed to help you master the topic and assess your understanding. Although you can proceed with modules and assignments as you like, each course structure represent a recommended learning flow. Feel free to jump back and forth if you feel you need to review earlier content. All the courses at WRA are self-paced.

While on your learning journey, you can easily track your progress for each course by simply checking the completion rate right in the course tile. Click through the tile to access a detailed view of your progress within a course. Upon completing all assignments and final exam (yes, we have one!), you will receive a Certificate of Completion delivered to you via email and also available afterwards right within the corresponding course.

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